Streets in Baton Rouge (LA) with first char S

List of streets in Baton Rouge (Louisiana state) with first character S. Found 555 streets.

S 10th St
S 11th St
S 12th St
S 13th St
S 14th St
S 15th St
S 16th St
S 17th St
S 18th St
S 19th St
S 20th St
S 21st St
S 22nd St
S Acadian Thruway
S Afton Pkwy
S Airport Ave
S Alameda Dr
S Allegheny Ct
S Amite Dr
S Ardenwood Dr
S Augusta Dr
S Bahin Ct
S Barrow Dr
S Baxter St
S Beck St
S Belvedere Dr
S Blackwater Rd
S Bocage Ct
S Bolivar Dr
S Braxton Ave
S Brightside View Dr
S Brock Pl
S Burgess Dr
S C Dixon Cir
S Capital Park Ct
S Caribou Ct
S Carrollton Ave
S Chalet Ct
S Chalfont Dr
S Choctaw Dr
S Choctaw Drive Ext
S Cloverdale Ave
S Colony Way
S Columbine St
S Contour Dr
S Donmoor Ave
S Elaine Dr
S Englewood Dr
S Essen Heights Ct
S Eugene St
S Faircrest Ct
S Fairfax Dr
S Fairlane Ct
S Fairview Ave
S Fieldgate Ct
S Flannery Rd
S Flintridge Pl
S Floynell Dr
S Foster Dr
S Fulwar Skipwith Rd
S Gate House Ave
S Gibbens Dr
S Glenstone Pl
S Grand Ct
S Hampton St
S Harrells Ferry Rd
S Harts Mill Ln
S Havenpark Ct
S Highmeadow Ct
S Howell Dr
S Ida Ave
S Jeffrey Dr
S Kenilworth Pkwy
S Lake Shadow Dr
S Lakeshore Dr
S Lakeside Oaks Ave
S Lakeview Dr
S Lakeway Ave
S Laredo Ave
S Laurel Creek Ct
S Leighton Dr
S Leo St
S Links Ct
S Locksley Dr
S Maiden Dr
S Majestic Oaks Pl
S Mall Dr
S Maribel Ct
S Marsden Pl
S Mike Dr
S Milstead Pl
S Mission Hills Ave
S Muirfield Cir
S Northgate Ct
S Oaks Dr
S Parkland Dr
S Parkview Dr
S Peck Dr
S Perdue Ave
S Plantation Ridge Ct
S Pointer Ct
S Pollard Pkwy
S Potwin Dr
S Pryce Ct
S Ramsey Dr
S Redondo Dr
S Reitz Ave
S Ridge Ct
S Ridge Dr
S Ridgecrest Ct
S Riveroaks Dr
S Sabine Dr
S Saint Gerard Cir
S Sherwood Forest Blvd
S Shore Ct
S Shore Dr
S Stanwick Pl
S Stevendale Rd
S Sunderland Ave
S Sunset Hill Ave
S Tamarix St
S Tiger Bend Rd
S Tinley Dr
S Tom Stokes Ct
S Trent Jones Dr
S Vega Dr
S Versailles Ct
S Vignes Rd
S Walker Ct
S Waverly Dr
S Woodchase Ct
S Wooddale Blvd
S Woodgate Ct
S Woodhaven St
Sachet Ave
Saddle Ave
Sage Cir
Sage Dr
Sagebrush Ave
Sagefield Dr
Saguaro Ave
Saint Albans Dr
Saint Andrew Ave
Saint Ann Ave
Saint Charles St
Saint Clare Dr
Saint Claude Ave
Saint Croix Ave
Saint Dorothy St
Saint Edmund Ct
Saint Ferdinand St
Saint Francis Ave
Saint Gabriel Ct
Saint George Dr
Saint Gerard Ave
Saint Irma Lee Way
Saint James St
Saint John Ln
Saint Joseph St
Saint Katherine Ave
Saint Landry St
Saint Lawrence Dr
Saint Louis St
Saint Mary Ave
Saint Paul Ave
Saint Peter Ave
Saint Phillip St
Saint Pius Ave
Saint Regis Dr
Saint Rose Ave
Saint Tammany St
Saint Tropez Ave
Saint Vincent De Paul Dr
Salem Dr
Salisbury Dr
Sally Ride Ave
Sam Dr
Sam Rushing Rd
Samoa Ave
San Clemente Dr
San Felipe Dr
San Jauquin Dr
San Juan Dr
San Lo Dr
Sanchez St
Sandalwood Dr
Sandhill Ct
Sandringham Ave
Sands Ave
Sandstone Ave
Sandy Ridge Dr
Sanibel Ave
Santa Barbara Dr
Santa Cruz Dr
Santa Maria Dr
Santa Maria Pkwy
Santa Monica Ave
Santa Rosa Ave
Sara Pkwy
Sarah Ave
Sarah Jump Ave
Sarasota Dr
Saratoga Dr
Sarpy Ave
Sasanqua Ct
Sassafras Dr
Sassy Ln
Satinwood Dr
Saurage Dr
Savanna View Dr
Savannah Jane Ln
Savoy Dr
Scarborough Dr
Scarlett Dr
Scaup St
Scenic Gardens Ave
Scenic Hwy
Schafer Ave
Schlayer Ave
Schnebelen Ave
Scobell Dr
Scotland Ave
Scotswood Dr
Seaboard Ave
Secretariat Dr
Sedgewich Ct
Sedley Cir
Sedona Pines Dr
Seminole St
Seneca St
Senette St
Sequoia Dr
Seracedar Dr
Sessions Dr
Settlement Blvd
Settlement Ct
Settlers Cir
Seven Pines Ave
Sevenoaks Ave
Severn Ave
Seville Ct
Sewanee Dr
Seyburn Ct
Seyburn Dr
Shada Ave
Shadeland Dr
Shades Dr
Shadow Creek Ave
Shadow Hill Dr
Shadow Lake Blvd
Shadow Lake Dr
Shadow Oak Dr
Shadowbrook Dr
Shadows Bend Dr
Shadows End Ave
Shadows Ln
Shady Arbor Ln
Shady Bluff Dr
Shady Creek Ave
Shady Elm Ave
Shady Glen Dr
Shady Grove Ave
Shady Knoll Pl
Shady Lake Pkwy
Shady Lake Pl W
Shady Oaks Ct
Shady Oaks Dr
Shady Path Ct
Shady Ridge Ave
Shady View Dr
Shadybrook Dr
Shadydale Dr
Shakespeare Dr
Shannon Ave
Shannon Dr
Sharlane Dr
Sharlo Ave
Sharon Hills Blvd
Sharon Hills St
Sharon St
Sharp Ln
Sharp Rd
Sharpsburg Ave
Sharynwood Dr
Shasta Ct
Shawn Dr
Shawnee St
Shay Ave
Sheffield Ave
Sheffield Ct
Shelby Dr
Sheldon Dr
Shelley Ct
Shelley St
Shenandoah Ave
Shenandoah Lane Pl
Shenandoah Square Ave
Shenandoah Trails Ave
Shenandoah View Ct
Shenest St
Sheraton Dr
Sherbrook Dr
Sheringham Ave
Sherman St
Shermoor Dr
Sherry Dr
Sherwood Common Blvd
Sherwood Forest Blvd
Sherwood Forest Ct
Sherwood Forest Dr
Sherwood Hollow Ct
Sherwood Homes Dr
Sherwood Meadow Dr
Sherwood St
Sherwood Valley Ct
Shiloh St
Ship Dr
Shire Ln
Shireburk Ave
Shirley Ave
Shoal Creek Dr
Shoe Creek Dr
Sholar Ct
Sholar Dr
Shoreline Dr
Short Ave
Shortridge Ave
Shrewsbury Ave
Siegen Holiday Cir
Siegen Ln
Sierra Vista Dr
Silliman Dr
Silver Creek Ct
Silver Fox Ct
Silver Sand Dr
Silverest Ave
Silverleaf Ave
Silverside Dr
Silverthorn Ave
Silverton Dr
Silverwood Dr
Simms St
Simplex St
Sina Dr
Sinclair Dr
Singletary Dr
Sir Walter Ave
Sir William Ct
Skylark Ave
Skysail Ave
Slate St
Sleepy Hollow Dr
Slope Oak Ave
Smiley St
Smith Ln
Smith St
Smithfield Ct
Smoke Rock Dr
Snipe St
Snowden Dr
Snowwood Dr
Snowy Egret Ct
Sobers St
Soledad Ave
Sombrero Ave
Somersby Ave
Somerset St
Somerulos St
Sonora St
Sora Pkwy
Sora St
Sorrel Ave
Sotile Dr
Souter Dr
South Blvd
South St
Southbank Dr
Southern Ave
Southern Hills Ave
Southfork Ave
Southgate St
Southlake Ave
Southland Ct
Southlawn Dr
Southmoor Dr
Southpark Dr
Southpass Ave
Southpointe Dr
Southwind Dr
Spain St
Spanish Oak Dr
Spanish Town Rd
Sparkle Ave
Sparrow St
Sparta Ave
Spedale St
Spencer Ct
Spotsylvania Dr
Spreading Oaks Dr
Spring Cove Dr
Spring Creek Dr
Spring Ct
Spring Dr
Spring Grove Dr
Spring Meadow Dr
Spring Pointe Dr
Spring Ridge Ave
Springbrook Ave
Springcrest Dr
Springdale Ave
Springer Ct
Springfield Rd
Springglen Ct
Springhaven Dr
Springlake Cir E
Springlake Dr
Springmorning Dr
Springpark Ave
Springridge Ave
Springrose Ave
Springstone Dr
Springtide Dr
Springtime Dr
Springtree Ave
Springvalley Ave
Springview Ave
Springwater Dr
Springwind Ct
Springwood Ave
Sprucewood Dr
Spyglass Hill Dr
Stacy Dr
Stafford Dr
Stan Ave
Standard St
Stanford Ave
Stanley Aubin Ln
Stanocola Dr
Starboard Dr
Staring Ct
Staring Ln
Starlight Ave
Starwood Ct
State Capitol
State Capitol Dr
Stately Oaks Dr
Stearns St
Steele Blvd
Steeplechase Ave
Steffek Ln
Steib Dr
Stephanie Ave
Stephens Ave
Sterling Dr
Stern Ave
Stillwater Ave
Stilt St
Stinson Ave
Stockton Dr
Stockwood Ave
Stokes Ct
Stokley Pl
Stone Chat Dr
Stone Gate Dr
Stone Shire Dr
Stoneberg Ave
Stonebridge Dr
Stonegate Ct
Stonehaven Ave
Stonehenge Ave
Stoneliegh Dr
Stones River Ave
Stones Throw
Stones Throw Dr
Stoneshire Dr
Stonewall Dr
Stoneway Pl
Stonewood Dr
Stoney Creek Ave
Strain Rd
Strand Dr
Strasbourge Dr
Stratford Ave
Stratton Dr
Strauss Dr
Streamwood Ct
Stuart Ave
Stumberg Ln
Stutgart Ave
Stutz St
Success St
Suffolk Dr
Sugar Bowl Ave
Sugar Ln
Sugar Maple Ave
Sugar Mill Ave
Sugar Spring Dr
Sugarland Dr
Sullivan Rd
Sully Dr
Summa Ave
Summa Ct
Summer Breeze Dr
Summer Dr
Summer Glenn Ave
Summer Grove Ave
Summer Lake Dr
Summer Oak Ave
Summer Park Ln
Summer Place Ave
Summer Pointe Ave
Summer Ridge Dr
Summer Ville Dr
Summerleaf Cir
Summers Rd
Summerwood Ave
Summit Ridge Dr
Sumrall Dr
Sun Belt Ct
Sunbury Cir
Suncrest Ave
Suncrest Ct
Sundance Dr
Sunderland Ave
Sunny Cline Dr
Sunnybrook Dr
Sunnyhill Ave
Sunray Ave
Sunrise Dr
Sunset Blvd
Sunset Point Ct
Sunshine Park Ct
Sunshine Rd
Superior Dr
Surrey Ct
Surrey Dr
Susan Ave
Sussex St
Sutton Dr
Svendson Dr
Swan Ave
Swart St
Sweet Gum Ave
Sweet Olive Ave
Sweetbriar St
Sweetbrook Ave
Sweetleaf St
Sweets Ln
Sweetspire Dr
Sweetwood Ct
Swingalong Ave
Swire Ave
Syble Dr
Sycamore St
Sylvan Dr

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